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Old Sturgis Warner Headshot

Act I

After college I moved to New York to be an actor. I instantly fell in love with my new city and most everything about life in the theater. I even found freedom in the total lack of security that comes with being a freelance artist. Fortunately, I was able to land enough acting roles to stay in the business and – crucially – develop artistically over time.

Photo: Nick Granito

New York Times photo of Najla Said and Sturgis Warner from the 2010 production of "Palestine"

With Najla Said.  Photo: Sara Krulwich, The New York Times

Act II

As I entered my forties I became deeply interested in all aspects of theatrical production.  I began to direct and work with playwrights. I loved new plays and the challenges of putting them onstage. My goal, always, was to make the playwright’s intent as compelling as possible without overstepping the boundaries of the text. I valued language, specificity, theatricality, and humor. Directing actors was particularly enjoyable, but for a good number of years I did almost no acting myself.

Sturgis Warner Actor Headshot
Sturgis Warner Actor Headshot

Photo: Matthew Sussman


Ultimately, I missed being onstage. Missed the challenge of facing an audience on a nightly basis. It’s the actors who make or break each singular performance of a play. When actors, audience and the play connect, nothing is better. My goal: To be the best actor I can be for every director, playwright and fellow actor I have the privilege of working with.



Portland Stage, Maine

Off-Broadway, Theatre at St. Clements, NYC

Conceived and developed by Abigail Killeen, written by Rose Courtney

Adapted from the short story by Isak Dinesen

Directed by Karin Coonrod

With Abigail Killeen, Juliana Francis Kelly. Photo: Zen Lael
With Elliot Nye. Photo: Zen Lael

Some Performances - From Recent to Long Ago

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